Clearblue Menstrual Cycle Calculator

Clearblue Menstrual Cycle CalculatorWhen a woman is menstruating (having her period), her body sheds the uterine lining of the uterus (or womb). Menstrual blood flows out of the uterus through the cervix and exits the woman’s body through her vagina (this can last between 3-5 days). This is a critical part of the menstrual cycle, and identifying these peak fertility days can aid greatly when trying to fall pregnant. A menstrual cycle calculator can help you identify these peak days.

Menstrual Cycle

Typically, a woman’s menstrual cycle commences every 28 days. If the woman falls pregnant during this time, her period will stop. A woman’s most fertile period is the 5 days before ovulation occurs (a surge in luteinizing hormone which causes the ovum to be released).

Advantages of using a menstrual cycle calculator or menstrual calculator

Like many women, you can attempt to calculate the menstruation period manually, or choose a more accurate approach by using a menstrual cycle calculator. This can greatly assist ovulation calculations, determining safe or fertile days, as well as forecasting periods in the near future. A clearblue menstrual cycle calculator is also useful as it can track any variations in your own personal cycle. This helps to increase the accuracy of its forecast.

A menstrual cycle calculator works by detecting the previously mentioned surge in luteinizing hormone. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor goes one step further, as it tracks not 1 but 2 hormones. This allows you to identify not just the 2 peak fertility days, but up to an extra 5 days of high fertility levels.

There are many menstrual cycle calculator web pages available online, however you cannot beat the advanced methods employed by the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.

Some Alternative Fertility Monitor products

There are plenty of electronic Menstrual Cycle Calculator applications on the market. If you are looking to track your cycles over time in a Calendar, these can be quite helpful. The menstrual calculator highlights those days which contain an increased probability of conception, can help to predict upcoming dates, and also archive a history of your cycles. Some of the information is even graphed which makes it very easy to analyse.

Some menstruation calculator examples are below:

Pregnancy Calendar 8.0

This great menstruation calculator has often been rated #1 for monitoring women’s health. It contains a full range of information about every day of the menstrual cycle, and the forecast of the baby’s sex.

Wopla – Woman’s Planner 2.0 (menstrual calculator)

This menstruation calculator is a family life planner which helps you calculate your next menstruation date. It also helps you plan the safe days when you can have unprotected sex.

Ovulation Calendar Calculator

Very helpful tool to assist in tracking your personal ovulation calendar in order to achieve pregnancy (or avoid it if necessary). Contains a graph which charts your ovulation cycle.

Menstrual Problems

If your pregnancy test is coming up negative and you are still experiencing menstruation problems, there is a high probability that something serious could be wrong. Below are some common causes of menstrual cycle issues:

Missed Period

  • Brand of pill could be too low in estrogen
  • Could be due to a combination of stress, drug use or illness

Lighter Period

  • Missed ovulation
  • Less endometrial build up due to being on the pill

Heavier Period

  • Possibility of miscarriage (check for cramps)
  • IUD device irritated the uterine wall