What you should really know about the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor


Clearblue Easy Fertility MonitorThere can be a certain amount of serendipity involved when you are trying to get pregnant. Some couples can try for months without luck, when the key prohibiting factor is often just lacking the right timing. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor can help with this by pinpointing the days in your cycle when you are most likely to conceive.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is one of the most advanced home methods that can be used to increase your chances of conceiving. Recent research has proven the product to increase the chances of conception by 89% over the first 2 cycles of usage. Clearblue products are similar to standard pregnancy tests, whereby a simple urine test can help to detect the natural hormonal changes in your body which are impacted by ovulation.

How It Works

Prior to ovulation, a Luteinising Hormone (LH) surge occurs. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor detects this change, which can give you an accurate timeframe of the best 2 days in your cycle for conception (day before ovulation & the day of ovulation). Attempting to conceive on these 2 days will give you the greatest chance of getting pregnant.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor can also detect rises in estrogen which generally occur directly before the surge in LH. This can help to identify up to 5 extra high fertility days which will further enhance your changes of pregnancy.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is a unique product that actually personalises itself to your specific hormonal patterns in order to create a very accurate overall picture of your most fertile days. The product:

  • Maintains the list of days in your cycle and informs you about which days to test
  • Notifies you of peak and high fertility periods which can significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Notifies you when your period is due. This can assist you with planning for your next cycle, or indicate that you should test for pregnancy.
  • Is easy to use, natural and non-invasive.

Who Should Use It

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is most suited to women who have a natural menstrual cycle which lasts between approximately 21 and 42 days. You should not use the monitor before your next cycle, making sure the earliest that you use it is on the first day of your next cycle.

If you want to take the guesswork out of getting pregnant, the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is the ultimate companion on the road to successful conception.

We hope that the above information will help you purchase the right Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor!